Park District Camps Return Late Spring/Summer 2016

Football Camps

5th - 12th Grade Football Camp  

This camp will be guided by the Byron High School Football Staff and players will cater to football players of various ages and ability levels. Camp sessions will focus on teaching the offensive and defensive fundamentals of the game including position specific instruction. We will also be teaching team strategy on both sides of the ball. We are excited about working with your child and teaching them basic football fundamentals that will allow them to be successful in their upcoming seasons. 

Considine Football Camp for 1st - 6th Grades 

Former NFL Player and former Byron High School Student-Athlete, Sean Considine, returns to share his expertise of his skills and knowledge as a 2013 SuperBowl Champion. Participants will learn the importance of basic fundamentals, skill acquisition, and most of all just Football Fun! Campers will learn and experience all playing positions through station-based training.

Basketball Camps

Youth Boys Basketball Camp 

Middle School Boys Basketball Camp

High School Boys Basketball Camp

Youth Girls Basketball Camp

Middle School Girls Basketball Camp

High School Girls Basketball Camp

Shooting Stars Basketball Clinic     

For all of you basketball lover’s who want to aim high and shoot for the stars, this clinic will get you started on the right foot. This program focuses on planting the basketball seeds, having fun, doing it right, and doing it well. Drills will focus on technique and proper skills. Large group demonstrations will be followed up with age-appropriate small group drills to reinforce proper form and technique. Appropriate basket height and ball size will also be utilized to ensure appropriate learning takes place for all levels of play. Upper level sessions will include 3 vs.3 competitions. 

Soccer Camps

High School Coed Soccer Camp   

High School Boys Soccer Camp  

These camp will focus on developing advanced foot skills with the ball along withproper techniques to trap, receive, pass and shoot the ball. Participants will learn to attack and defend as a team as well as develop an understanding of different tactical soccer strategies. Sessions will also highlight individual and team defensive skills in addition to including small sided games such as the Number Game, Goalie Wars, Crossbar, and a 4 vs 4 tournament and 11 vs 11scrimmages.

Needed equipment is soccer cleats, shin-guards, water bottle, and gym shoes in the case of inclement weather. $5 Discount for additional family Members

K - 2nd Grade Coed Soccer Camp

3rd -5th Grade Coed Soccer Camp

6th - 8th Grade Coed Soccer Camp

Volleyball Camps

Headstart Spikers Volleyball Camp 

Join the Byron High School Volleyball Staff for a week full of great volleyball fundamentals. Sessions will be designed to place emphasis on the development and improvement of skills such as serving, passing, setting and attacking the ball. Proper footwork and form will be stressed. Age-appropriate skill work will be utilized during individual drills, partner work and group drills. Volleyball is all about teamwork, sportsmanship and having fun! 

Swimming Camps

Byron Youth Swim Stroke Technique Camps

These week long swim camps are the perfect way to give your swimmer a focused look at the technique of each stroke. The camp is designed to spend a full day on each stroke with the last day focusing on starts and turns. Camp is geared for ages 9 - 14 and open to experienced competitive swimmers, with at least one season of competitive team experience. Sessions are limited to 18 kids for maximized individual attention.