In cooperation with the Byron CUSD #226, the Byron Park District utilized capital improvement funds to completely refurbish the courts to benefit the School District and Byron Community as a whole. Located behind Byron High School on Maple Street, these courts are open and ready for some action. There are a total of eight tennis courts with two of the courts designed to serve as Pickleball Courts. The courts have been resurfaced and painted. There are new posts and nets as well as a new gate installed between the sets of courts for easier access. Along with the addition of new benches and signage, the Byron Park District has also placed new garbage disposal and recycle bins at the courts with the assistance of the Ogle County Waste and Recycling Grant monies. Be sure to go out and enjoy these freshly renovated courts. The Pickleball equipment will be available at the Byron Park District Registration Office for use for all those interested.  
Click here to check out our   Pickleball Open Gym                    Download Game Rules

Equipment Usage and Check Out Procedures 

The following equipment is available for patrons to check out and utilize with in the park district facilities at no cost: Pickleball Nets, Paddles and Balls; Bocce Ball Sets; Bean Bags; Ping Pong Paddles and Balls; and Tennis Racquets.
            - Persons wishing to utilize park district equipment will need to provide name, address, and contact information at the time of check out.
            - Any persons checking out equipment will be financially responsible for the cost of a replacement should equipment be lost, stolen or damaged 

Contact the Byron Park District to join our list of Tennis or Pickleball players.  Phone: 815-234-8435