Facilities Patrol

Facilities Patrol The Byron Park District needs your help. Be alert to suspicious activities in and around the facilities. The Park District facilities are yours to protect. Together, we can win the battle against crime and vandalism. If you have concerns, see broken equipment, or vandalism to the Joe Parks Athletic Complex, Skate Park, indoor facilities, or any of the Park properties (Blackhawk Meadow, Hamas & Tiger Town Parks), please contact the Park District Office (815) 234-8435, or the Byron Police Department at (815) 234-5000 immediately.
Bicycles, Roller blades, & Skateboards Skateboards
Bicycles, Roller blades, & Skateboards Skateboards, roller blades and bikes are
not permitted inside the School/Park District building, on the outdoor fields or
tennis courts.

No pets are allowed inside the School/Park District building or outdoors on School property.

Shelter Reservations Available at Blackhawk Meadows Park 

Interested in hosting a special occasion at Blackhawk Meadow Park? Reserve the shelter two weeks in advance, pending availability, thru the Byron Park District Registration Office. Applications are accepted on a first come, first serve basis effective January 1 for residents and starting May 1 for non-residents. The shelter is equipped with 10 picnic tables, a charcoal grill, and electricity. Amenities at Blackhawk Meadow Park include two half-court basketball courts, two backstops, two sets of playground equipment for different age groups, two bag game sets, and four fitness stations along a 1/3 mile perimeter path.. All park rules and ordinances apply. Group host is responsible for shelter area clean up.

• Resident (Individual/Organization)
  Under 50 people - $45 / 50 or more - $65
• Non-Resident (Individual/Organization)
  Under 50 people - $70 / 50 or more -$100